Taking My Angling Experience to the Next Level

June 9, 2016

Ask yourself this question, do you want to become a better angler? I know I do, so I’m taken the next step by learning how to build custom fishing rods designed specifically for my style of fishing meeting the specific applications I prefer.

As an avid angler and professional fishing guide, I’ve learned there are many roads you can travel in improving your angling success.  There’s the long hard road where you learn on your own through trial and error, or the easy road where you shorten the learning curve by utilizing the knowledge and skills of others who have already become accomplished in their field.   A person’s fishing ability and success can be built through personal experience or by learning from others who have study the sport. Either way, in this fast pace world we live in our time limited, so utilizing all of the resources available to you is the prudent road to travel.

Angling in some ways is like the sport of golf, regardless of how much you play and how good you get, you never quite master the game. Although I’ve been a professional angler most of my life I learn something new every time I’m on the water. Starting

Saturday I begin a journey to take my angling experience to the next level by attending the University of Rod Building (http://www.mudhole.com/Mud-Hole-Specials-Page/Featured-Rod-Building-Products/Rod-Building-Classes-Mud-Hole). This two day rod building class presented by Mud Hole Rod Building and Tackle Crafting will serve as my first step in developing a whole new arsenal of custom build rods designed specifically to replace all of the commercially built rods I now use in my professional charter boat service. Currently my arsenal consist of over twenty different high quality rods covering the wide spectrum from freshwater crappie, American shad and bass to saltwater offshore trolling and near-shore tarpon.  Depending on our specific targeted species, I typically leave the dock with a minimum of eight rods. Although my current rods are high quality, it is difficult to purchase the exact style, length and speed I prefer.

Rod building is not only a major league hobby for major league anglers; it’s also an avenue for taking your angling experience and your success to the next level. Like any professional sport, top anglers are athletes.  They understand remaining on top of their game requires top quality state of the art equipment. For anglers, this means their rod should be a seamless extension of their arm.  It must be comfortable and fitting in every way while providing maximum performance with the highest level of efficiency. This task can easily best be accomplished by building your own fishing rod yourself. You can select the exact components to the proportions and colors you prefer and the end result will be a rod designed and custom built specifically for you to meet your precise application.

Please join me on this journey as I learn to build my own rods and transform my current fishing rods into a complete series of hand crafted custom fishing rods.  As I transcend into my next generation of custom rods, I will continue to share my experience through this blog.

Until next time, tight lines and bent rods,

Captain Tom Van Horn


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