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Orlando Area and Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report, January 27, 2018



As usual, Mother Nature and winter here in Central Florida have held the upper hand when it comes to angling success this past week.  Cloudy, cold and windy days always make fishing a challenging, but fishing is fishing, catching is catching and both are fun. At least we are not fishing through an ice hole.

My adventures this past week have included both freshwater and saltwater angling on the St Johns River and the Mosquito Lagoon with limited success on Lagoon. 

Water levels on the St Johns River have settled in below the banks, but they still are higher than normal for this time of the year., and the American shad run is in full swing.  On Thursday while fishing with my good friend Captain Eric Ciocher from Ultimate Catch TV, the American shad bite was on fire and we caught over 100 shad between us on both spin and fly. Eric not only caught his first shad on fly, he landed two fish at a time casting tandem flies eight times.  Yesterday I returned to the same location with my good friend Jay Rieckmann and we only managed five shad.

On the Mosquito Lagoon this past week, water conditions were extremely low and clean, but strong winds and cold-water temperatures made catching challenging. We did manage to catch some respectable fish blind casting DOA 3-inch Shad Tails and DOA Shrimp under a Deadly Combo (popping cork) on the deeper edges on the flats.

Sunday afternoon we are expected to experience some severe weather as the southern jet stream delivers a low-pressure system to Central Florida, so if you are planning a trip, please check the weather first and be safe on the water.

As always, if you need more information or have any questions, please contact me.

Good luck and good fishing,