Katmai Lodge Fishing Report, July 14, 2018

July 15, 2018


 Lost Sketch of Saint Bernard “Lefty” Kreh Located at Katmai Lodge in Alaska

Imagine a place where the air is crisp, cool and clean every day of the week, a place where the sounds of a rushing river and cool breezes replace those of snarled city traffic, a place so beautiful it takes your breath away on every glance, a place where the fish are abundant, happy and stupid and your line is always tight, I call it fish heaven.  Such a place dose exist for I have found it.  It’s call the Katmai Lodge on the Alagnak River in Alaska. I know this is true by the fly and sketch I found of Saint Bernard “Lefty” Kreh while cleaning and reorganizing the tackle and wader shop here at the lodge. Some time in the history of the Katmai Lodge Lefty left his footprints on the bank of the Alagnak River and now I know he is smiling down on us as we follow in his footsteps. A man never never places his foot in the same river twice, because each time the river has changed  and so has the man.

As many of you already know, after retiring from fire service I excepted a summer job working as a fishing guide here at the Katmai Lodge, but instead of calling the position fishing guide, it should be call a catching guide. Currently we are experiencing a heavy run of sockeye with limits being reached within an hour, followed by an increase in the numbers of king salmon moving up the river.  In addition, the chum salmon are beginning to show up on some of the sandbars downstream, so tight lines continue on the Alagnak.

Michelle proudly displays her trophy sockeye salmon caught while fishing with her family on the banks of the Alagnak.River last week. Fishing with a group of family and friends they reached their limit of sockeye four days in a row.


Sockeye Battle Is On!!!


Sockeye moving upriver making easy targets for fly anglers.

In closing, I would like to wish you tight lines from Fish Heaven,

Good luck and good fishing,

Captain Tom Van Horn



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