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Indian River Lagoon Coastal Fishing Forecast, December 2020

Freshwater Fishing

American Shad and Crappie

Despite high water levels on the St Johns River system good numbers of speckled perch (black crappie) are showing up in the upper St Johns River, and the big lakes of Monroe, Jessup and Harney. Fish structure or slow troll Road Runner jigs or live minnows near the bottom. Also, look for the American shad to begin showing up near the end of the month on their winter spawning run. American shad are an incredible species to catch on light tackle and fly, and if you have never experienced this fishery, you should book a day with me and learn how it is done. American Shad fishing is the closes Floridian’s get to the salmon runs of the north and we are catching them during the winter when the northern rives are frozen over.

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Indian River Lagoon Coastal Fishing Forecast, November 2020

Cobia Port Canaveral
Cobia caught by Captain John Kumiski out of Port Canaveral

I cannot begin to count all the outstanding fishing adventures I have experienced on the Indian River Lagoon Coast of Florida in November. We are truly blessed by the opportunity to experience the natural side of such a magnificent resource where catching is a year-round venture.

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Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast, October 2020

Believe it or not, fall has arrived here in Central Florida. Shorter days and prevailing easterly breezes have set the stage for some excellent fishing. This past week the King Tide (highest I ever seen) and tropical squalls well offshore made fishing challenging, but conditions are improving and so is the catching.

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Orlando Area and the Mosquito Lagoon Coastal Fishing Forecast, September 2020

Mullet Run Redfish

Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Forecast, September 2020

September celebrates the beginning of the fall bait migration, primarily silver mullet on Florida’s east coast, with their numbers increasing as we progress into October and November. It is hard to predict precisely when or how strong the mullet run will be, but along with the arrival of the bait, comes the predatory species we love so much. Thus far, the lagoons are loaded with mullet, so its shaping up to be a good run.

Look for snook, tarpon, jack crevalle, sharks, and large kingfish crushing bait pods along the beach. These pods are easily located by watching for fish and birds busting bait. Once you’ve determined the direction of fish travel, usually south, simply set up in front and let them come to you. This is my preferred time of year for targeting snook and tarpon along the beach.

The beach snook run started in mid-August with a few fish already showing up, and it will begin to pick up substantially just in time for the opening of snook season on September 1st. My favorite bait is a live finger mullet or corkers.  Fishing the very edge of the surf casting your bait just beyond the white water. Walk slowly along with the direction of tidal flow, so your bait does not wash in with the waves as quickly. The same system will work for tarpon, just cast it out further, and make sure you have adequate tackle and line capacity to handle these mighty fish.

Near-shore, good numbers of kingfish will continue to work the beaches, wrecks and reefs. When fishing for kings, slow trolling live pogies on a stinger rig is one of the most productive methods.

In-shore on the lagoons, seatrout are still plentiful on the deeper edges of the flats, with the best bite happening at first light or sunset. Look for ladyfish, tarpon, slot size reds, and jack crevalle to be mixed in. Fish with top water plugs for explosive action, or work ¼ ounce DOA CAL jigs with natural colored CAL Tails for the subsurface strike. Near the end of the month, start looking for the pompano and flounder to begin moving out of the lagoon through the inlets and into the near-shore waters along the beach. Also look for the larger redfish to begin to form up just outside the inlets, feeding on baitfish and small crabs carried out by the tide, and for Spanish mackerel and bluefish devouring schools of glass minnows (bay anchovies) in the same areas.

September is also the time of year the breeder redfish school up for the spawn in the north IRL and inlet passes of Ponce and Sebastian, so it’s a good time to target these schools. Please remember these are brood stock fish, so if you target them, please handle and release them with extreme care.

As always, if you have questions or need more information, please contact me.

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Orlando Area and East Central Lagoon Coast Fishing Forecast, August 2020

Mid-Summer Redfish caught on the Mosquito Lagoon

The heat is on, as fishing opportunities kick in along the Indian River Lagoon Coast of Florida. Looks like its going to be an active season for summer squalls, but as long as they stay away fishing along the beaches and in the inlets will remain equally as hot.

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Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Forecast, July 2020

Summer has officially arrived on the Indian River Lagoon coast, as the mid summer doldrums are currently upon us.  It is also the time of year when tropical weather systems and offshore water temperatures are as predictable as Wall Street.   Just when you think you have got things figured out, a summer squall will blow in and kick up the seas, or the cold-water Labrador Current will move in and shut down the seaward bite.  Setting all these possibilities aside, many opportunities for angling adventures exist for us both inshore and offshore of the lagoon coast in July.

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Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Forecast, June 2020

Keith Lozott with a monster sea trout caught on a Zara Spook

Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Forecast, June 2020

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Central Florida Fishing Forecast for May 2020

Port Canaveral Snook

COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Our world as we have known it has changed drastically due to the pandemic, and as we adjust to the new norm it is up to us to help mitigate the spread of this virus. With this said, we plan to open for business May 4th utilizing the following protocols for the safety of both clients and crew for the time being. These measures will only be temporary and will be adjusted as time allows:

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Indian River Lagoon Coastal Fishing Forecast, April 2020

9-pound Sunshine Bass,  Photo by Steve Chapman

As I set down to write my April  fishing forecast, I like many of you am landlocked by these troubling times.  Dreaming about fishing is currently the extent of my fishing adventures, dreaming of the day I return to the sea with friends and family.  Until then, I will share my forecast with you  so we can travel together into our imaginations to a place where  the fish are happy, hungry and stupid.  I’m thankful to all of  you, my friend, family and past clients who have shared time on the water with me over the past 20 years.    I will also share in my gallery some of the fish caught in April aboard Three Quarter Time.  Until our next adventure, stay safe.

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Orlando Area Fishing Forecast, March 2020

For number of reasons, I always look forward to the glorious bloom of my azaleas. Their magnificent colors are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also signal the end of winter and the beginning of the spring bait migration. As the days grow longer and the ocean begins its gradual warming phase, 68 to 72-degree range, the spring fishing bonanza on the Indian Lagoon Coast  of Florida kicks in. As usual, weather will serve as the determining factor in establishing the magnitude and progression of the bite, and forecasting Florida weather is left only to fools. Also, like the bloom of the delicate azaleas, the bite will sometimes pass quickly before you have a chance to really experience it.

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