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mosquito lagoon fishing charters

Experience light tackle spin and fly fishing on the inshore flats of the Mosquito Lagoon, North Indian River Lagoon and Banana River Lagoon. On the Lagoon flats, we typically work in shallow water (18-inches of water or less) targeting redfish, sea trout and black drum, and we primarily fish with light tackle spinning gear in the 10 to 20 pound class depending on time of year, weather conditions and the size of fish targeted. Dependent on the skill level of anglers, a determination to fish with either lures or bait will be made with combination of both styles as an option. For fly fishing anglers, 7 and 8 weight gear and floating line is recommended with the ability to make a quick an accurate 60 to 80 foot cast.

Fishing on our lagoon flats in many ways is more like hunting then fishing as in most cases we pole quietly across the flats looking for signs of schooling and feeding fish, and then present a well-placed cast to an unsuspecting target which is often easier said than done. In many cases these fish are challenging to approach as they can be very spooky, so a stealth approach is extremely important. This style of fishing is referred to as sight fishing, and therefore requires ideal conditions, quality polarized sunglasses and a good dark wide- brimmed hat to improve the angler’s ability to see the targeted fish in the water.

My charters are available to anglers of all skill levels and ages, so accommodations for any style of fishing can be made, you just have to communicate with me ahead of time so I can properly prep my boat and equipment for the charter. It’s my intention to do whatever it takes to catch fish within the regulations and limitations of the State of Florida so do not let angler skill level be a debutante to spending some time on the water with me and enjoying our east Central Florida flats fishing.

The Indian River Lagoon System is renowned for its trophy redfish, but in my experience this goal is best achieved by fishing with either live or cut bait. That’s not to say they cannot be caught these trophies on lures or flies with skilled anglers, but bait fishing will improve you odds of success with these breeder redfish.

Redfish, black drum and sea trout are year-round targets with snook and tarpon available during the warmer months.

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